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coteolivia commented 1 year ago

Every property manager places their safety at risk, especially if in case they enter a property with their client to those far remote lands. This seems like a minor issue but one needs to make sure that their safety is not being compromised. However, most property managers avoid taking any such precautions and end up getting stuck up with some wrong people.


While as a property manager you schedule meeting and appointments, you can make sure that you go an extra mile by doing proper background checks on your client to begin with. Also here are some safety tips for you to keep in while you are out at an appointment or inspections:

Keep Phone Location Always In Active Mode

Make sure that your location is always in active mode especially while you are traveling or out on routine inspections.

Know the Exits of the Building and Keep Them Clear

While conducting an inspection, make sure that you keep the door unlocked and in fact open. You can use a rubber wedge to ensure that the exit door is always open.

Prefer Commuting In Your Own Vehicle

It is always advised to travel in a public transport or commute in your private vehicle. If nothing is possible to make sure someone you know to drop you and picks you from the location.

Share Your Location with Your Peers of Official Partners

Use a location-sharing mobile app or simple an official electronic diary, to ensure that you share all the details in your office. All your appointments, their locations, and everything must be clearly displayed in that diary.

Inspection Sessions in Pairs

It not only helps in ensuring safety but also maintains credibility. In pairs, inspection can be done at a much faster pace. Also, there is a third witness who has an eye on the whole situation. So, not only this is safe but can help you get greater efficiency in conducting whole home energy audit as a project manager.


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