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coteolivia commented 1 year ago

The process of the field and house inspection service and construction is generally a part of the same program. It includes the project plan, contract, construction, and inspection process. The process starts when the project developer along with a qualified pool registrant conducts a plan review and field testing. The process consists of a review of the construction documents; in order to ensure that the building complies with the overall code requirements of the state.

The Involvement of Third Party Energy Code Inspection Team

The inspection of the newly constructed buildings can be managed by the same firm or third party energy code inspection team. Upon completion and acceptance of the plan review, the construction takes place. Once the buildings are fully constructed, the third-party energy code inspector visits the site to inspect that the energy code has been followed properly. They also make visits at various points during the construction process as well.

On Completion Of Project

Once the project is completed, the inspector pays his visit to conduct a final walk-through test. Then the compliance documents to the city code officials are sent for the final approval of the building.

Monitoring and Verification of Inspectors

Thereafter Monitoring and Verification takes place, wherein proper establishment of the program is conveyed to both the building contractor and the inspection communities. This is basically to ensure that the third party inspectors do not approve of any noncompliant plans, which do not follow proper guidelines or maintain certifications.

Getting building inspected is one of the essential tasks, as it ensures the safety of the ones living in it. These inspections allow builders to effectively promote energy efficiency as well as green construction practices. Also, inspectors can offer thermal image inspections along with testing services to help builders prevent any future warranty problems or construction mishaps in the long run.

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