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slingtvhelp commented 1 year ago



If you are tired using the cable TV service, which doesn’t have anything new to offer but has a very high monthly price, which basically irks users like you and me, then you don’t have to use the service anymore.





bellsouthemaillogin commented 1 year ago



The reason for adding Sling TV to the fleet of streaming apps is its ability to offer more live and on-demand content than any other app that is available on the market right now. Sling TV has a pretty good service feature almost all the channels that people usually like to watch, except CBS. However, people are hopeful that CBS will too make its way into the Sling TV in the near future.

Subscribing to Sling TV will cost users $25 for Orange or Blue package, but if they decide to go for Sling TV Orange + Blue package, then the price rises to $40 per month. Therefore, you will also have to choose one package of these three. If you have already chosen one, then you will probably be aware of the capabilities of Sling TV by now.

However, did you experience any error in your Sling TV as of lately because many other users have? They have seen a message on their TV screens that says, “Something went wrong! Unable to play at this time. (Error 10-402)”. It doesn’t matter what content they try to play, they get the same error, which has started to make them really annoyed with the service.

If you too are dealing with Error 10-402, then you can try a standard array of troubleshooting steps, which consist of turning off the TV and then turning it on, log out of Sling TV and log back in, delete the app and then, reinstall it. If the issue solves by doing these steps, then that’s great. You can go on the internet in order to enlighten yourself on the issue, but there isn’t much available on the web regarding this issue, so you will be left disappointed.

You can try sending an email to Sling TV support regarding the issue that you are facing, and see how it goes.

Many users have done that, and they found that the problem was occurring particularly when they were trying to record NBC’s content. Users are requested to use on-demand feature instead. There is some issue with the licensing agreements, which is perhaps the reason that such errors appear on the screen.




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