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rszxcvb commented 1 year ago

Sand Crabs are certainly one of Old School Runescape's best beings to farm EXP and also levels for different skills as well as attributes.

But where are you able to find these pesky creatures? And where do you need to visit find a bunch of them? Effectively, it is actually quite simple.

First, you will need to go to Port Sairm that is west of Draynor Town. You'll want to go to the dock as well as head to the bottom platform to obtain on a ship destined that sell Kourend. There will be an seniors character that will take that you the island.

Once you arrive on st. kitts, you will be at the port and definitely will need to walk all the way along south on the map towards the large beach on the island, simply above Crabclaw Isle. There are plenty of a bunch of Sand Crabs generally there, along with a bunch of other people looking to farm the nasties for gold and expertise.

Sand Crabs are an excellent creature to farm EXP on for combat coaching and defense purposes, be sure that you take a bunch of health-restoring products while you train so you avoid run the risk of dying.

The many Sand Crabs are with regards to level 15, so be sure you are high enough level to take a lot of them on. They all possess a hitpoint total of sixty. You can even farm rare falls from the creatures to make a little bit of gold while you train, make certain that you only hold on to the more high-priced items.

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