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peterdavid commented 1 year ago

Last month I had come into Windsor from Muskoka for meeting a client. They accepted the offer. I took a quick decision to move to Windsor 'cause all of my clients were there. It's good to have local access to them and get more popular. So a few weeks back I moved out of my office in Muskoka and came to Windsor. I didn't have the time to look for a good office so, I had to set it up in a small place. The office looks cramped but it was just four employees. We had a lot of furniture back in Muskoka. We had to bring them without any other options. We used a commercial storage unit availed at Windsor to keep all the furniture.
Then it clicked me how much can rental service make just by renting a storage unit. Can an online service regarding this be effective?

Nicardo commented 1 year ago

How much money should I invest at the very beginning ?

A good company can give me a loan quick loans online, but I have to know that I'll make money on this investment.


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