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silajohn commented 1 year ago

Most designers pick working as a freelancer for the freedom that it allows. It is well, in any case a personalized choice of any designer-web graphic animator- but they quickly realize the benefits there are of working in a team of professionals. Some 3D video animation companies offer financial stability and insurances along with a marketing team to keep the animators afloat. This can be very challenging for a freelance designer and animator. Lots of studio designers feel like “the grass is greener on the other side” where it is only partially true. These designers dream about having their dream projects on their own terms and negotiating their own project rates. 
Likewise, the freelance designers envy bout the monthly paychecks, money transfers and job security position a studio has to offer. These issues are constant in every field of work where freelancing can be a part of the process. The fact is that there are no animators who can animate a video on their own without a full support of the designing team. The same applies for the specialized agencies working in the designing industry. Do you think having a freelance job is better than working in a studio or is it vice versa?

ShehrozQasim commented 1 year ago

Obviously, it happens when a web designer or any video animator as well when he turns his work from a web design agency to an individual freelancer but it does not mean that he can't handle this situation. He needs to have passion and keep doing efforts for their work until getting the desired results from it.

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