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coteolivia commented 1 year ago

The industry of public relations witnessed a drastic change over the last decade. Numerous of factors related to communication and technology advancement made this transformation possible. However, wide usage and following of the social media is the leading factor. Social media reformed the method, time, place and the audience of public relations communications. More than 53% people in the world use internet and approximately 44% people are using social media in a way or another. Every Public Relations Specialist wants to explore this option to get a huge reach that they can not get from any other source.

Encouraged Customer Focus- Social media forced and encouraged the brands to start concentrating more on their consumers to build a positive relationship. Clients can easily use Facebook or Twitter to exhibit their bad customer experience, lack of facilities on the field for the spectators or unmanageable elements on the spectating area.

Turnaround Time- Social media has diminished the life span of turnaround stories, pushing journalists and new stories. This has compelled the sports public relations firm to increase their efforts to stay in the limelight. This has helped the agencies to present any news or update about the sports at any time because they are familiar with the fact that people are listening to them. 

Affordable For Small Organizations- Before the entry of social media in public relations, it was just meant for large organizations and politicians. They used to spend huge funds for their crisis communications and brand management. Nowadays, even a small organization can easily afford competent sports public relations agency to make their sports event successful. 

Led To Integrated Sports PR- Marketing experts boarded the trend of social media before the sports public relations industry. This made them to integrate their public relations technique with the marketing concepts and practices to achieve desired results.

Greater Engagement Ratio- Before the advancement of social media in sports public relations, PR communication was used only as a one-way street. Organizations or agencies used it to share their content without giving any option to the consumers to share their review or any scope of interaction. Nowadays, social media has helped the clients and consumers to get engaged and interact with their brands or teams. 

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