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Do you want to end your pregnancy? If you have decided to take such a major step, then consulting Dr. S Lata would be a good decision. She is the proficient Gynaecologist who is in this field for several years and handled many abortion cases.

At Dr. S Lata Abortion Clinic, she provides the comprehensive services, for instance, family planning procedures, cervical cancer vaccination, infertility treatment, painless Abortion Gurgaon with pills, menopausal screening, pregnancy screening, cancer detection, sexual health counseling, and Pap’s smear.

Abortion Procedure Dr. S Lata Follows

An abortion is a method to stop the pregnancy. Dr. S Lata follows the procedure of medical abortion through pills. The benefit of medical abortion is that it is completely private, which implies that the woman won’t need to get admit in hospital.  Also, this procedure of abortion is reasonable over surgery. The medicines are basically quite very secure, and the procedure does not have an effect on your future conception.

Dr. S Lata suggests this type of abortion procedure to the patients with less than seven weeks of pregnancy and effectively conducts the abortion.

Why Dr. S Lata Abortion Clinic?

Dr. S Lata’s Best Abortion Clinic Gurgaon is committed to the provision of expert, inexpensive pregnancy termination services for every woman. She, with ease, creates a bond with her patients to make them feel relax to talk about the health issues that lead to a complete diagnosis.